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Samsung Unpacked Launch Event in Metaverse: Everything you need to know

Samsung Unpacked Launch Event in Metaverse: Everything you need to know
  • PublishedFebruary 8, 2022

Samsung Unpacked launch event will take place on February 9 in Metaverse. According to company sources, the visitors can watch the proceedings either via Decentraland or 837X as a guest or login. Moreover, the launch event can also be watched on Samsung Newsroom and Samsung YouTube channel starting 8.30 PM IST. The company is expected to unveil Samsung Galaxy S22 series and Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 tablet along with accessories.

In addition to traditional platforms, the Samsung Unpacked event can also be viewed in the metaverse. This is the first time a company is launching new products in Metaverse. The Metaverse is a virtual space where users can live a virtual life and interact with other people including buying and selling digital assets.

According to Samsung, the Samsung 837 New York City Experience Centre has added a location in the Metaverse. You should navigate to the Decentraland, which is a blockchain-powered virtual space where you can purchase exclusive digital assets including land and wearables.

The fans will watch the show in the metaverse and can collect collectible NFT badges and limited-supply collections of Samsung Decentraland wearables to customize their avatars. YOu require MetaMask wallet to receive goods. If you access the Samsung Unpacked event via Decentraland and 837X as a guest, you can hang out, explore and enjoy the shows.

You can collect digital assets if users create a Decentraland ID. You should create an avatar and a passport to participate in Decentraland events. The next step is to click Explore the World option to teleport your avatar into the Decentraland Genesis Plaza. The final step is to navigate to the Decentraland or teleport to the Samsung 837X experience directly from the events page link.

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