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Moto Smart Speaker Mod Gets Better With Alexa Integration

Moto Smart Speaker Mod Gets Better With Alexa Integration
  • PublishedOctober 22, 2017

Motorola has launched a new Moto Smart Speaker Mod integrated with Amazon Alexa virtual assistant. With the help of the mod, you will be able to fetch news and related information from Alexa from within your Moto smartphone.

The newly launched Moto Mod is compatible with Moto Z smartphone series and will be available in November 2017. Expected to be priced at $150, the Alexa-powered Moto Mod will be available on Amazon, Verizon, Best Buy including the official website.

When you hear about Alexa, it’s all about virtual assistant capable of fetching news, information from the web. Moreover, it is possible to perform several tasks, set alarm, reminders and search for recipes using Alexa. The working of the Moto Smart Speaker Mod is identical to that of other available Moto Mods. You just need to attach the magnetic pogo pins at the rear side of the Moto Z smartphones.

Powered by a 1530mAh battery, the new Moto Smart Speaker Mod is capable of delivering up to 16 hours of backup on a single charge. The embedded 27mm diameter speakers coupled with 8W power provides stereo sound in such a way to output the Alexa voice with accurate clarity.

Like in the case of Amazon Echo, the Moto Smart Speaker Mod is equipped with four far-field microphones. The main purpose is to enable the Mod to recognize various commands from any direction. The attraction of the Moto Mod is that it is designed with nano-coating technology to enable splash-resistant functionality. Moreover, the mod features a LED ring glow, which will trigger upon user’s voice.

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