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Google announces ten new Android features

Google announces ten new Android features
  • PublishedDecember 15, 2021

Google has gotten into the holiday spirit, and in addition to giving us Pixel 6 deals over the Black Friday weekend, it has revealed today that it will be giving away new Android features.

On the first day of the Christmas season, Google ten new features for your Android phone. The majority of those funds will be used to enhance Android Auto, which is currently supported by most modern cars, but there’s a lot more.

Ten New Android features

The following are the latest Android features released by the tech giant. The upgrades will make functions such as Android transfer and much more easily than before!

Google Photos People & Pets, YouTube Music, and Google Play Books widgets are now available for your home screen. Android 12 phones such as the Google Pixel 6 or the Samsung Galaxy S21, on the other hand, can be used as BMW auto keys.

Users may now configure Family Bell notifications for actions around the house. Furthermore, Google Photos has a Memories reel for every holiday or other festive occasion, and most phones, even those running Android 6.0, have the ability to Auto-reset permissions for unneeded apps.

Thousands of new Emoji Kitchen combinations are also now available for Google Gboard. Users may now enable Automatic Android Auto startup when their phone connects to their car, which is one of the most recent updates to Android Auto. Furthermore, you may use the Always-on play button on your Android Auto home screen to start playing your favorite music. For locating music, there is an even faster voice-to-search button. Finally, smart replies for Android Auto, which allow Assistant to rapidly respond to texts with pre-programmed responses and bespoke messages.

Wrapping Up

The final two new Android features are “coming shortly,” according to Google, while the rest are now available. You can check out the new Emoji Kitchen combinations and make personalized emojis right now on Gboard beta, with the feature rolling out to your stable Gboard next week.

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