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WhatsApp silently pushes voice waveforms functionality

WhatsApp silently pushes voice waveforms functionality
  • PublishedDecember 5, 2021

WhatsApp is currently rolling out voice waveforms to select Android and iOS users. While the current voice messages play with Play/Pause button in a linear format, the display of voice waveforms will provide an interactive experience.

The sources attached to the Meta revealed that the beta roll out may not be available to all users now but the product team looks to enhance the module before final push. The voice waveforms will be available only for those users who have been working with latest version of WhatsApp. If you are using an older version, then you will not receive the update.

According to sources, the select beta testers will view voice waveforms in chat bubbles. However, the user should activate this functionality from the Settings. The waveforms will not display when receiving a voice note from someone that have disabled the feature. Moreover, if the voice note was recorded using an older version of WhatsApp, then you will not experience this feature.

The Zukerberg-owned company is reportedly working to add advanced features like the ability to forward the stickers without downloading or viewing it within the WhatsApp chat box. The advantage of this functionality is that the internal storage of the phone can be saved since you need not have to download the sticker to forward. However, there is no logic in this feature because the content in the sticker should be known to the person who are forwarding this message. This feature will be available to Android users followed by iOS community.

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