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Google Photos Hits 5 Billion Google Play Store Downloads

Google Photos Hits 5 Billion Google Play Store Downloads
  • PublishedDecember 9, 2020

No doubt, Google Photos is an effective way to store plenty of images and videos. The company recently announced series of measures that restrict the usage of Google Photos. The latest development is that Google Photos has surpassed 5 billion downloads on the Play Store. The upcoming changes in Photos will force you to either stop using the cloud-based image storage platform or pay money to increase the storage. The free photo and video backups will end by June 2021 and you have plenty of time to backup your content.

With Google Photos, you would backup all of your memories, vacation pictures, and much more for free in the cloud. You can easily access the content across all mobile devices. Even though the free service will stop by the middle of 2021, Google Photos is still the most effective way to manage your images, videos including the ability to download them across multiple devices. For example, you can store images from your smartphone and access them on your laptop or iPad.

Over the past few years, Photos have become a hotspot for photographers and tech enthusiasts. The platform has turned out to be a complete hub for the storage of media content. You can edit, apply filters including the ability to order physical copies in the form of photobooks. It is because of these features that people are still making effective use of Google Photos.

The main reason for the rapid spike in the usage of Google Photos is that the app comes pre-installed with all major Android smartphones. It remains to be seen as to whether the 5 billion download count includes the app installations on new smartphones. There are reports that Google is trying to amplify the download count by deliberately integrating Photos on smartphones.

With the new Google Photos policy expected to take over in June 2021, the daily user count is expected to drop since only users who desperately require Photo will use the platform. There are online cloud storage services like Box, Mega, and much more where people can store images and videos instead of Google Photos. According to experts, Google could have taken this hard decision because of the plunging economy amidst COVID-19 protocol.

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