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PUBG Mobile to hit Indian shores with Desi flavor by November 20

PUBG Mobile to hit Indian shores with Desi flavor by November 20
  • PublishedNovember 16, 2020

PUBG Mobile is scheduled to launch in India by November 20. According to Kronten Gaming, the PUBG Mobile will launch by November 20 and the trailer can be expected by November 17. The PUBG Mobile is all set to make a grand comeback after two months of the official ban imposed by the Government of India. The company has started to stream the game on its official YouTube channel. The streaming description reveals that the PUBG Mobile will be unbanned soon and the company’s YouTUbe channel has got 2M subscribers.

Even though the Government declined to comment, the company sources have been posting regular updates regarding the availability of the game in the Indian region. The game was set to launch by November 14 but was delayed due to unknown reasons.

The company had established a partnership with Microsoft to deploy the game on its Azure cloud platform. The data will be hosted on the servers in India, which was one of the key demand made by the Government.

We only know that the official launch date is rumored to be November 20 but it could change depending upon the situation. We have to wait and watch whether the Government grants permission for the highly popular PUBG.

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