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Micromax to reboot the smartphones amidst Boycott China Products chorus

Micromax to reboot the smartphones amidst Boycott China Products chorus
  • PublishedJune 19, 2020

Microsoft is gearing up to launch new smartphones in India amidst Boycott China Products chorus gains momentum. According to company sources, the new Micromax smartphones will ship with premium features at a budget-friendly price. The smartphone will be suitable for those consumers who require affordable handsets.

The reports suggest that Micromax India is planning to launch three new smartphones out of which one device will bear a modern look with premium capabilities. The launch of new smartphones by Micromax India assumes significance in the wake of the India-China standoff at the Galvan Valley. Moreover, there has been an extensive Boycott China Products campaign on social media.

As per the sources, the company will soft launch the devices with availability before the end of July 2020. There are reports that the company is planning to launch the three smartphones simultaneously priced below INR 10000 price category.

Responding to tweets, Micromax revealed that the product team is working hard internally and will soon come up with something big and unique. The company asked users to stay tuned for further information.

The company was replying to series of tweets posted by users regarding the alternative to Chinese brands. Micromax confirmed that the new devices are currently under the production stage with premium capabilities. The smartphone will have not only a modern look but also budget-friendly.

Microsoft has used #MadeByIndian and #MadeForIndian hashtags to show solidarity and support for the Boycott Chinese Products chorus. However, we don’t have any information as to whether the new smartphone models are solely manufactured in India or outsourced from a Chinese manufacturer. That being said, you have to accept the facts only with a pinch of salt since there is no official confirmation. We will continue to keep track of the updates and will keep you updated.

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