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Elephone Soldier Sample Images Reveal Stunning Facts

Elephone Soldier Sample Images Reveal Stunning Facts
  • PublishedSeptember 24, 2018

Elephone recently released Elephone Soldier smartphone with rugged features and specifications. The main highlight of the Elephone Soldier is the integration of a 2K display coupled with a massive 5000mAh battery.

The Elephone Soldier smartphone ships with a 21MP rear camera. It’s rare to find a rugged handset with the 21MP camera sensor. The smartphone runs under 4GB RAM alongside both 64GB and 128GB internal storage capacities. The phone is also resistant to water with the help of IP68 technology.

Elephone has provided us with exclusive images, which reveals the exact real-world images captured using the handset. In addition to power, toughness, and resistance, the Elephone Soldier also enables you to snap and record amazing moments.

Elephone Soldier

Elephone Solder

If you would like to capture images that speak a thousand words, then you should test drive the handset. This is because the camera lives up to the expectations and hype of taking excellent and great images. It is possible to capture images that will help you to get more likes on social media with the help of the integrated 21MP rear camera.

We have provided the two real images supplied by the company above. Please share your views about the accuracy, detailing and other aspects.

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