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Samsung fullscreen smartphone will have magnetic strips, reveals patent

Samsung fullscreen smartphone will have magnetic strips, reveals patent
  • PublishedJune 23, 2018

Samsung has reportedly filed an application for the patent trademark with WIPO for a fullscreen smartphone. The news has been exposed by letsgodigital and the image leaked out from the labs of WIPO suggests a full-screen smartphone. We are unable to view any bezels from the image and is similar to that of the recently surfaced Huawei fullscreen smartphone.

The patented Samsung design consists of four strips instead of 2. Moreover, the strips will be manufactured using either metal or aluminum. Samsung will probably make use of magnets to attach the display to the strips. Traditionally, the strips are attached using adhesive glue or tape.

fullscreen smartphone patent

The U-shaped coupling structure will be used to click the strips together. The intention of this mechanism is to enable the user to replace the strips in case of damages.

According to industry analysts, the patent can be applied not only on smartphones but also TVs, laptops, and other electronic gadgets. Samsung The Frame TV already make use of this technique.

Samsung is well on the way to manufacture a full-screen smartphone and is expected to hit retail shelves around the first half of 2019. If the technology is implemented, the fingerprint sensor will be embedded inside the display. Moreover, the company will have to find a reliable solution for the placement of sensors and microphone.

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