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LG G6 Gets Better with Android Oreo in Korea

LG G6 Gets Better with Android Oreo in Korea
  • PublishedMay 2, 2018

LG has rolled out Android Oreo update for the flagship LG G6 for users based in Korea. If you are currently working with LG G6, you will receive the required notification prompting you to install the update. The Korea-based company had promised an update around April end and the update has now started to roll out.

As of this writing, users based in Korea have started to receive Android Oreo update for the LG G6 smartphone. We expect the company to push the update for other regions within the next few days. In addition to Android Oreo, the latest update will also bring in new features and improvements.

After the installation of Android Oreo, you will be able to experience improved performance, battery enhancements, security improvements. The update also brings in Picture in Picture mode among tons of other features.

Before installing the update, you should activate Wi-Fi and charge the battery to the maximum level to avoid interruptions. If your device has under 50 percent charge, it is advisable to plug the LG G6 to the AC power source.

The update is a full-blown Android Oreo and the total capacity of the update will be around 2.5GB. Hence, you should be prepared for a long installation. We would also suggest you capture a backup of all the files even though there won’t be any loss of data.

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