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Microsoft Surface Duo expected to receive Android updates for three years


With the ultimate launch of Microsoft Surface Druo, tech enthusiasts have been constantly asking one question as to for how many years Microsoft will provide Android updates. According to Android Authority, the newly launched Microsoft Surface Duo will receive three years of Android updates, which includes OS and security updates.

The new developments bring Microsoft in line with Google and Samsung device support timeframe. The Surface Duo is the first real Android device and the commitment on part of Microsoft will be a big boost for those who invest $1399.

With the assured three years of Android updates, Microsoft has joined the likes of the Google Pixel series, Samsung Galaxy devices. It is to be noted that the Galaxy S10, Galaxy S20, Note 10 and Note 20 device also offer three years of Android updates. This means that Microsoft will push Android update via OTA as and when a new stable version is released by Google. If you look at OnePlus, the company offers two years of major upgrades and three years of security patches.

Nowadays, manufacturers provide three years of Android updates as opposed to five years. It is not feasible for companies to offers five years of upgrade because lot of things will change in between. The hardware specifications will be changed and new processors will launch. Moreover, people also opt for the new smartphone prevailing at that time instead of using the outdated Surface Duo during that time.

With the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, smartphones have become expensive due to lockdown and other security measures. Hence, we can’t blame those people who ask for five years of support instead of three years. The Surface Duo is a premium dual-display device with trending features and specifications. The device will be useful for those users who carve for enhanced productivity not only during casual work but also for official work. With the massive usage of video conferencing tools like Microsoft Teams, the Surface Duo will be a great device to bank upon when compared with conventional smartphones.

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