Top 5 Best Photo Recovery Apps for Android

Top 5 Best Photo Recovery Apps for Android
  • PublishedDecember 30, 2021

We deal with photos and images such as screenshots everyday with Android smartphone. Sometimes, the photos will be accidentally deleted and hence you will land in trouble when you require them. Is there any solution for this problem? You can easily restore deleted photos with the help of Best Photo Recovery Apps for Android. In this article, we will examine the Best Photo Recovery Apps available for Android.

Deleted Photo Recovery App Restore Deleted Photos

The deleted photo recovery app can be used to restore all your photos. The app deep scan deleted images and retrieves them back to your smartphone Gallery. You can select individual photos and restore them. You can also permanently delete photos from the recovery list. The interesting point to note is that you need not have to root the device to restore photos. The app will be updated with the ability to add the deleted images backups to the cloud. This will enable users to restore the images on the cloud.

DiskDigger photo recovery

DiskDigger Photo recovery app undelete and recover lost photos and images either from the internal storage or memory card without rooting. The app will be useful in case if you accidentally delete a photo and even reformatted your memory card. The recovered files can be shared via Google drive, Dropbox or email. The app performs a limited scan of the deleted photos by searching cache and thumbnails if the device is not rooted. However, the app searches for all possible photos and videos for rooted devices. The Clean Up button can be used to permanently delete items that are no longer required.

Deleted Photo Recovery

The Deleted Photo recovery app can be used to recover photos from your phone storage including microSD card and restore them to the gallery. Sometimes, you will not be able to download WhatsApp images because of lack of storage. You will normally end up inside Gallery and delete all the photos, images, screenshots to free up disk space. You will notice in the morning that an important photo has been deleted and will search for Photo Recovery Apps for Android. This app will also work in the same way as other apps. You just need to install and complete the on-screen instructions. The total time required to scan your device depend upon the storage size and performance, which includes processor and RAM. In modern devices, the whole process will take only less than 60 seconds. The app comes with nice UI design with support for JPG, JPEG and PNG files.

Deleted Photo Recovery – Restore Deleted Photos

The Deleted Photo Recovery restores deleted photos from the internal storage with one single click. The app includes quick recovery engine with nice UI design. Moreover, you7 need not have to root the device to recover the deleted photos and images.

You will find plenty of Photo Recovery Apps for Android on Google Play Store. Moreover, there are third-party tools for Windows using which you can recover photos but many of them are paid. The companies offer free version with limited features.

The best way to recover deleted photos from the Android device is to enable automated Google Photos uploading functionality. The photos will be automatically uploaded as and when they are snapped. You can easily recover by just logging into the relevant Google account.

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