Infinix Note 4 Review: Killer Budget Smartphone

Infinix Note 4 Review: Killer Budget Smartphone
  • PublishedMay 3, 2018

Infinix, a Hong Kong-based company entered the Indian shores in 2017 by launching a wide range of smartphones. Infinix Note 4 was one of the premium smartphones released by the company. The handset is still selling out like hot cakes on Flipkart. The main attraction of the Infinix Note 4 is the integration of a large 5.7-inch FHD display coupled with Android 7.0 Nougat. Moreover, the device is being sold at a price you can afford. You will be able to work with the latest features without investing a whole lot of money like the competitors.


The Infinix Note 4 is available in three color variants. However, we opted for Milan Black color because we prefer black color for all gadgets. We purchased the phone on Flipkart during Flipkart Big Billion Days. Hence, we paid Rs. 7999 instead of the retail price of Rs. 8999.

Infinix Note 4

The Infinix Note 4 comes in a tight and hard blue colored box. You will find the smartphone, transparent black cover, AC adapter and the user manual. The display is protected by a protector which provides the core specifications of the handset including Xcharge functionality. You will have to remove the sheet to work with the device.

Product Box

The product box supplied by Infinix is awkward. You will have to pull out the charger and other accessories from the bottom tray. Although we can easily remove the contents, it’s a bit difficult to lace them back into the original position. You have to hold your hands not only on the top but also on the bottom side to close the box. We would suggest that the manufacturer should keep all items on the top tray for easy removal and accessibility.

Infinix Note 4


The Infinix Note 4 is equipped with a 5.7-inch FHD display and is comparatively brighter and responsive. The user interface looks very smooth to work upon and fonts are displayed accurately. The video rendering is also good and we can see each and every minute detail perfectly. Unlike traditional smartphones, you can enjoy watching YouTube videos and movies because of the large display area and the addition of FHD videos.

Infinix Note 4


The Infinix Note 4 is powered by a MediaTek MT6753 processor running at a clock speed 1.3GHz. Even though the phone worked without any issues, there were minor lags while navigating apps. The handset also ships with a one-click cleaner using which you can free up space. The device includes 3GB RAM alongside 32GB expandable internal storage. You will be able to extend the storage up to 128GB. The device works very smoothly most of the time due to 3GB RAM. If you are a beginner, you need not have to install any memory card because the default space is sufficient for normal usage.


The rear camera is equipped with a 13MP sensor with support for autofocus. The images captured using the rear camera are of average quality. Moreover, the phone gets hot when the camera is used for a long time. On the front, you will find an 8MP sensor with LED Flash and the selfie looks crisp and clear. If you would like to capture good quality selfies, you can buy Infinix Note 4. The rear camera will be good if you capture images in bright sunlight but the colors are bit diminished.

The images captured without zooming looks better. However, if you zoom the object the quality of the image diminishes. If you capture images in bright sunlight or internal tube light, the images will be sharp. We can see objects located at a distance in the images we captured.


The Infinix Note 4 is powered by a 4300mAh battery. We are unable to find any problems but the camera consumes more battery life and generates heat. We found it unpleasant to work with the device for some time after imaging and videography because of the heat.

Android Platform

By default, the Infinix Note 4 is pre-loaded with Android 7.0 Nougat on top of XOS user interface, which is very easy to use. The UI is very responsive to touches and works pretty well when compared to competing smartphones such as Honor 6X. We downloaded updates twice and the installation process was fast.

Infinix Note 4

You will view information about the Android 8.0 Oreo update on the product box. The happy news is that the company has rolled out the update recently. If you are a student, you can tell your parents to buy this phone because of the instant availability of Android Oreo. Even companies like Honor are delaying the rollout of Oreo and Infinix has set new benchmarks in the smartphone segment by pushing the update early.


The big advantage of Infinix Note 4 is the integration of speaker grill on the side. Even though there are two grills on left and right, the sound is produced only via one grill. However, the sound quality is exceptional when compared with other competing smartphones. We are able to hear sounds from YouTube videos loudly and perfectly without any loss of clarity. If you would like to purchase a new smartphone with excellent sound for music listening, you should opt for Infinix Note 4. However, the sound output is on a low side when it comes to the phone call. We are able to hear the voice from the other site only in a feeble mode.

Infinix Note 4


We installed Temple Run and played without any lags. The game was responsive and produced great sounds. However, the handset generates heat during the gaming session. We noticed a considerable amount of lag during the gaming session. The sound quality of Infinix Note 4 was excellent during the gaming session because of the presence of the speaker grills on the bottom side. We extensively tested the phone with several other games and found it excellent. We would recommend the company to integrate a new cooling mechanism to reduce the impact of heat during aggressive gaming sessions.


We noticed problems with sending emails via Gmail. The e-mails are being sent from the device but they are delivered only after we either reboot or switching on after powering off. This is annoying since we prefer e-mails to get delivered immediately since there is no point in waiting for long time to get them out from the outbox.


The weight of the Infinix Note 4 is higher when compared to other handsets. We found it bit difficult to use the device for an extended time. However, the features included with the device are incredible and hence you can’t avoid using the device after purchase.


Infinix Note 4 is an excellent smartphone with latest features. The display of the smartphone is very much brighter than other competing handsets. Moreover, the addition of double tap functionality to unlock the device is an excellent feature. The size of the handset is bigger because of the display size. Moreover, the weight of the device is comparatively higher than other smartphones. You can’t easily put the handset on to your pockets. Even though the product box includes a transparent case, it will add more weight to the smartphone. That said, Infinix Note 4 is an excellent phone to invest in because of the attractive price, large screen and improved audio. The company also rolled out Android Oreo update recently and hence you have a compelling reason to buy the phone.

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