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WhatsApp Gets Better With Biometrics Authentication For PC Linking


WhatsApp has upgraded the messaging app with advanced security measures. The latest is the addition of biometric authentication to link accounts with the PC. According to company sources, the new update will hit your devices within the next few days. As part of the new feature, users will be able to take advantage of biometrics on their smartphones for authentication.

The biometric authentication enables you to make use of any device, which is compatible with biometric authentication. This includes fingerprint, face or Iris unlock. WhatsApp hasn’t added support for other options such as pattern, password unlock or PIN.

The Facebook-owned messaging app will prompt you for the biometrics only when you link the account to a PC for the first time. As an added precaution, the company has revealed that they will not be able to access the biometric information stored by your device. The update is currently in the works and will be available within the timeframe of 30 days. The company also added that they will add more functionality to the Desktop and Web clients in 2021.

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