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Signal for Android and iOS Gets Better With Chat Wallpapers and Animated Stickers


Signal has updated Android and iOS apps with chat wallpapers and animated stickers. The WhatsApp rival has introduced a plethora of new features because of the growing popularity amidst WhatsApp Privacy concerns. With the update, the Android version gets version 5.3.7, while the iOS variant hits 5.3.1 version. The new features are available now and being pushed to all users globally.

Another notable addition is the inclusion of the new About option in Signal profile. You can configure wallpapers for individual chats or as default background for all contacts. You can either select a pre-defined wallpaper or upload your own photo. The Dark mode will be overridden if you apply chat wallpapers.

The animated stickers enables you to amplify your chat conversations. The first official animated sticker pack will be Day by Day by Miguel Angel Camprubi. Moreover, Signal provides an ability to create your own APNG animated sticker packs and can be shared with multiple chats.

Signal enable iOS users to lower data usage for calls in addition to the capability to pause attachment downloads during a call conversation. The image compression quality has been enhanced in the latest update. The chat list previews displays the sender’s name in group chats.

Signal became very popular after the WhatsApp privacy policy fiasco. Even though the company was scheduled to implement the new policy by February 12, the management postponed to 3 months because of the widespread protests. The end-to-end encrypted messaging app is identical to that of WhatsApp with several new features and improvements.

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