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Motorola foldable smartphone release on track with patent approval


If rumors are to be believed, Motorola is gearing up to launch a foldable smartphone. The rumor assumes importance with the approval of a foldable smartphone by WIPO on March 13, 2018. The patent states that three-part foldable housing supports multiple use positions in an electronic device with an identical design.

The patent reveals that the rear camera is housed at the left top, while the speaker grills at the right top side. The design offers space for a secondary camera place adjacent to the loudspeaker. According to company sources, the two cameras can be used to snap stereo images, which creates a 3D visual effect.

foldable smartphone tablet layout

If you unfold the device, you will work with two complete phone screens, which results in a tablet format. The folded displays are located on the outer side. You will find a hinge at the top and bottom of the middle. The loudspeaker will be integrated into the bottom hinge near the microphone. The battery is placed on the right-hand side.

The rumored foldable Motorola also ships with a cover, which can be used to charge the device wirelessly. The patent image reveals a cutout for the camera and the window helps you to visualize the display even in folded position.

The side portion of the cover features a small upright edge to enable you to easily carry the device. The screen will be located on both sides to enable you to watch videos and play games easily.

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