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Google Assistant expanded with support for 1500 smart home devices


Google Assistant has been upgraded to provide support for over 1500 smart home devices from a wide range of 200 brands. Initially, the Google Home was launched with the ability to control only a few devices. The latest development is a significant step because the device coupled with Google Assistant will be able to control 1500+ smart devices.

Google has been adding the list of devices, which will provide support for Google Assistant. The latest news is a big boon for users who would like to manage and control 1500 smart devices from 200 brands.

The growth of Google Assistant is phenomenal in the last one year. The main reason for the huge growth is attributed to the spike in the growth of Amazon Alexa, which controls Amazon Echo speakers. The competition is intense that it is difficult to decide which service to make use of.

Google has been consistently working with companies to integrate Assistant features on to their devices. We can expect announcements from various companies during the upcoming CES 2018. In the meantime, you can navigate through the list of supported devices on the official Google Home help page.

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