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Android Auto refreshed with the ability to view full contact lists


Google has refreshed the Android Auto system with new features and improvements. If you are using Android Auto, you can now navigate through the full contact lists by manually scrolling through the complete list.

John, Android Auto Product Manager took to Twitter and disclosed that you can now access the full contact list by selecting the top left menu from the phone dialer interface. You will be able to view a new entry named Contacts. The catch is that you can browse the full contacts list only when the vehicle is stopped. If you are driving, then the browsing will be in restricted mode. The main purpose of this mechanism is to enable you to concentrate on the road instead of tapping the interface.

Prior to the implementation of this new feature, you could browse contact list by using Google Assistant or by selecting from a list of favorites and missed calls. It is also possible to find the contact by dialing the number.

Google has already pushed the update to Android Auto users. If you are using Android Auto, you should update to the new version today itself. The search-engine giant has requested all users to provide the required feedback after upgrading to enable them to improve the performance.

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