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Telegram Introduces WhatsApp Migration Capability for a Brief Time

Telegram Introduces WhatsApp Migration Capability for a Brief Time
  • PublishedFebruary 1, 2021

WhatsApp is in the news for all the bad reasons since the first week of January. The rival Telegram has added a new feature using which you can migrate history from WhatsApp. However, the new feature is available only on the Telegram iOS app and not on Android. We expect the arrival of the feature on Android platform after initial testing on iOS devices.

If you are migrating from WhatsApp, you can make use of this feature to completely transfer data to Telegram. The new feature is available with Telegram version 7.4. Interestingly, Telegram generated another update with version number 7.4.1, which was not shipped with the migration tool. That being said, you can still import chats from WhatsApp.

The first step is to open WhatsApp and select the chat you would like to export to Telegram. You should then navigate to the contact info menu and select “Export chat” option. You will view two options such as Attach Media or Without Media. The next step is to select Telegram from the sharing menu and select the contact you would like to assign the imported chat. Select Import and proceed further.

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