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MalLocker.B ransomware will freeze your Android smartphone, warns Microsoft

MalLocker.B ransomware will freeze your Android smartphone, warns Microsoft
  • PublishedOctober 11, 2020

Microsoft has warned Android smartphone users about the possible MalLocker.B ransomware that could infect the devices. The Redmond-based company has issued an alert about the imminent ransomware attack on Android devices. The ransomware is called MalLocker.B and is getting infected via online forums and websites on Android smartphones. If you visit the affected resource, then MalLocker.B ransomware will be infected on your Android device, which will most likely steal information from your device.

The MalLocker.B ransomware is deeply hidden inside malicious Android apps and you should be careful while downloading apps from external websites. You should try to download apps only from Google Play Store. Once the MalLocker.B ransomware infects your device, you will not be able to access the phone screen. The ransomware freezes the screen of the device and displays a message prompting you to pay the fine for unlocking. The message would be from the Law Enforcement agency.

The MalLocker.B is generally delivered via an incoming call and your device will be infected immediately. If you press the home button or the recent app button, the display will be locked and you will be able to view information about the fine. As a user, you will be forced to pay the ransom because your phone will be unusable once the ransomware gets infected.

Even though the MalLocker.B ransomware doesn’t block access to files, it blocks access to the screen. You will not be able to do any work without the screen. The ransom note flashed on the screen mentions threats and instructions about the payment of the ransom.

Prevention is better than cure. To avoid MalLocker.B from getting infected on the smartphone, you should only download apps from known sources. If you receive any app link via WhatsApp or email, you should not click on it. You should only install apps from reliable sources like Google Play Store and verified sources.

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