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Xiaomi Denies Mi Browser Data Breach Amidst Uproar on Social Media

Xiaomi Denies Mi Browser Data Breach Amidst Uproar on Social Media
  • PublishedMay 4, 2020

Xiaomi has issued a clarification regarding the alleged breach of user privacy. In a statement, Xiaomi India Managing Director Manu Kumar Jain disclosed that the company does not collect any data vi Mi Browser without permission. If you are a user, you should give permission during the configuration and installation process. Otherwise, the company will not collect any data. The company takes user privacy seriously and none of the data is collected without consent.

The explanation from Manu comes in the wake of a series of allegations against the company regarding the collection of data without the user’s permission by the Mi Browser. There were reports that the Mi Browser collects unnecessary data while the user is navigating the web and sends data to other countries instead of India.

Manu took to Twitter and shared a statement with the title “Incorrect News Alert”. He was referring to a news report, which claimed Mi Browser collects unnecessary user information. He added that this is absolutely incorrect and also posted the link to the company’s privacy policy.
Manu claims that all the data has been moved to local servers in India two years back itself. Moreover, the data is encrypted and hence no one can sneak into your data physically. According to Manu, reputed companies like TrustArc and BSI have certified the security and privacy practices of Xiaomi’s smartphones and its default app including Mi browser.


Manu further added that all user data is completely encrypted and anonymized in the browser’s incognito mode. Moreover, the Mi Browser and Mi Cloud data of smartphones sold in India are stored locally in AWS servers located in India. Manu added that the allegations are false and incorrect.

Xiaomi has adopted strict privacy measures to protect users for the eyes of hackers. The Mi Browser has been developed by following the same protocols as adopted by other leading companies. He added that the Mi Browser will never know that you are working in incognito mode. Moreover, the browser can’t identify the type of content your browser in the mode. That being said, Xiaomi claims that none of your data are collected without your explicit permission.

Xiaomi has grown from a small company to a big sized company within a short time of 4 years. Xiaomi had to face a bitter legal battle when they entered the Indian shores. The company then released several new products including the highly popular Redmi Note series. We still remember how we purchased the first-generation Redmi Note.

We still work with the device even though there are issues related to the Power and Volume button. Furthermore, the handset is outdated and it’s not safe to use as well. Xiaomi has made it a habit to release new smartphones once in every 8 months. Moreover, the company also constantly release accessories such as speakers, soundbars, night light, vacuum cleaners, and much more. You can also buy phone covers for your Xiaomi devices.

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