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Poptel P10 Smartphone Durability Review – Run over by Cars, Fire and Freeze it, Water and Screen Tests

Poptel P10 Smartphone Durability Review – Run over by Cars, Fire and Freeze it, Water and Screen Tests
  • PublishedOctober 18, 2018

Poptel has released durability video review of the Poptel P10 smartphone. The video runs over five minutes and shows all aspects of the durability. Upon inspection of the video, we can infer that the company has completely tested the rugged smartphone under various conditions.

Poptel P10 tests

Poptel P10 is inspired by Samsung Galaxy S8 Active and is regarded as the slimmest and fashionable rugged smartphone. The main highlight of the Poptel P10 is the integration of 5.5-inch Corning Gorilla Glass 18:9 display, Helio P23 processor, NFC coupled with water-resistant functionality via IP68 technology. You should check out the video below if you are wondering about the build quality.

If you examine the Poptel P10 video completely, you can see that the smartphone is tortured with many extreme tests to see how structurally sound the body is. Moreover, the smartphone has been tested with running over by different card and also by playing with fire and freezer. The smartphone is also capable of resisting boiled water including washing machine operations.

The P10 smartphone manufactured by Poptel can also be used to crack walnuts and ice. You can throw Poptel P10 in the water for more than 30 minutes. The big advantage of the device is that the Poptel P10 is capable of surviving all sort of hard damages. Moreover, the phone has surprised Huawei Mate 20X in all departments.

The Poptel P10 is available on AliExpress at $183.99, which gives you a discount of 20 percent. The offer will be limited for the next three days and you should grab the product immediately. As part of the launch offer, the company is offering phone holder, OTG cable, earphone including a tempered glass protector.


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